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Natural History and Conservation of Cracids in Mexico and Central America

Cracid Ecology and Conservation in the New Millenium

D.M. Brooks, and F. Gonzalez-G. (The Co-Editors)

F Gonzalez-G., DM Brooks y SD Strahl
Estado de conservacion de los Cracidos en Mexico y Centro America

DM Brooks, AJ Begazo and L Pautrat
Ethics and realities of Cracid conservation: the Latin American perspective

R Clay and DM Brooks
Cracid conservation in the new millennium: a Southern Cone perspective

RB Wallace, RL Painter, DI Rumiz, L Sainz and AB Taber
Comparative ecology of Cracids in Northern Dpto. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

AM Mamani-F
Historia natural y evaluacion de la densidad poblacional de Ortalis canicollis (Charata) en Izozog, Provincia Cordillera del Dpto. Santa Cruz, Bolivia

MA Martinez-M
Situacion poblacional y conservacion del Hocofaisan de Cozumel (Crax rubra griscomii)

SL Pereira and A Wajntal
Studies of captive stocks of the Endangered Red-billed Curassow (Crax blumenbachii)
suggest that the species is not depleted of genetic variability


RP Clay
The status and conservation of the Cracids of Paraguay

JNM Flanagan and RSR Williams
A training program for the conservation of the White-winged Guan (Penelope albipennis) in Northern Peru

F Gonzalez-G.
Estado de Conservación del Pavón Oreophasis derbianus en el Campo y en Cautiverio en México

PGW Salaman, TM Donegan and AM Cuervo
Rapid Assessments and conservation of Galliformes along three altitudinal transects in the Colombian Andes


I Jimenez, JL Parra, M Agudelo, G Londono and A Yaily
Temporal variation in the diet of a pair of Black Curassows (Crax alector)

DM Brooks, L Pando-V., A Ocmin-P. and J Tejada-R.
Resource Separation in an Napo-Amazonian Gamebird Community


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