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World’s Top Real Estate Hotspots To invest In

fwgj34gewg34g34gf34Real estate has become a very lucrative investment as new investors dive into the market. However, property investment requires proper research before making an investment. It includes determining the type of homes to buy and where to buy and invest. There are a couple of pitfalls that new real estate investors make when they enter the market. Investors, therefore, must carry out a close evaluation of the greatest market opportunities and be forward thinkers.

There are factors indicate whether a place is suitable for real estate investment. Such factors include infrastructure, climatic conditions, industrial, residential and commercial opportunities among others. Though some investors think that it is only worthy to invest in the main cities, other upcoming small cities promise better returns to real estate investors. Here are some of the trending real estate hotspots to invest.


Panama is increasingly becoming an attractive real estate investment hub for entrepreneur-minded investors. The country is well-known for its stable government, high GDP growth rate and a tax-free zone. Perhaps, it is an investment paradise, a wonderland with bursting opportunities, especially for the adventurous entrepreneurs.


t8wf34ferobekg4rberg43Montenegro is one of the leading tourist destination in the world. In fact, it is expected to grow at a rapid phase according to the research done. The property investment in Montenegro is still in its infancy state, and housing prices are forecasted to rise.

Colombo in Sri Lanka

It is the largest city in Sri Lanka with skyscrapers being set up. Both domestic and international property investors are considering the opportunities that exist. Perhaps, the rising infrastructural development and rising economic growth of the country have contributed positively to the increasing property investment in the city.


It is another peaceful destination with a strong real estate market. Tax benefits and residential desirability of the area have made it one of the leading spots to invest. Mauritius is an excellent tourist destination with idyllic sun beaches that attract thousands of visitors every year.


Dubai is popularly known as the boom-and-bust spot that has turned into an excellent property investment hub. The statistics of 2013 show that property prices rose by 30%. It is a safe residential city that attracts people from diverse cultures.

Manhattan in New York

fuiwfhg29rf2fc23dqcReal estate market in Manhattan is booming at the moment especially in the Financial District. Thousands of employees flock the city seeking for residential homes. It is postulated that so much is expected from the city according to the studies done.

Mortgage lenders are becoming selective in lending. Therefore, it is critical for every investor to carry out a proper analysis of the market before making their venture. One best way of doing so is by finding the best real estate hotspots to invest.