Costume Design Tips To Bring Characters To Life

Costume design is an art that reaches far and beyond. Although costumes imply the manner character dresses, they are quite responsible for the relaying of a person’s struggles, triumphs, and joys. Moreover, they present a look into a life that you are living. Everything is in details: colors, hairstyles, shoes, jewelry, everything works to give a deep picture and why they are that way. Since Halloween is around the corner, we provide top tips for top custom movie costumes and Halloween costumes.

Costume design tips

Best character traits

girl in redFor some people, being patient and attentive is the character trait that they love. Remember that preparation for a movie is done very quickly. Thus, you may not have adequate time to have everything done. There is a need to be mindful of your budget, although things are in constant flux. There is a need to be resourceful to ensure everything happens within the set budget and time frame. Ensure there are no details you have overlooked and you should be patient with the process.

How a costume influences a character

You should note that costumes transform actors into their particular characters. This is because the main aim is to tell the part of the story through the use of costumes. The wardrobe is a huge part of making your audience believe fantasy world and the way it is created. It can be a simple jeans and t-shirt, which shows signs of tear and wear according to the character.

Coming up with a costume

It starts with a mood board, which contains ideas, textures, looks, and color palettes that inspire us. This is followed by a sketch artist. Then, there is a need to search for fabrics, which can make the costume. If you have a sketch and fabric in hand, then you can work with the fitter/cutter to make the ideal pattern to have your costume become a reality.

How costumes resonate with the audience

man with a comedian costumeA lot of research is done to come up with different mood boards. It helps in getting the wardrobe team to be on the same page. It also lets you open your mind. This is what is going to help you understand the character through the wardrobe.

Elements of a great costume

The main idea is to blend seamlessly with different production values. There is a need to focus not on just one detail, but also on experience as a whole.