How to find a good bike for women

Buying a bike for men is not as difficult as buying a bicycle for men. Most of the bikes available in the market are made with men specifications in mind. Women looking for bikes should find bikes that have been specifically made for them. It is easy to find a bike for women just by looking at the features. Most of the bikes for women are painted with attractive colors like pink, purple and light green. However, the color of the bike is not the determining factor but the features of the bicycle.

Finding a good bike for women

Wide seat

When looking for a bike for women, take time and check the seat of the bike. A bike for women should have a wide seat because most of the women have wide hips. The wide seat is to make you as comfortable as possible even when cycling on long distances. You can sit on the seat and determine the comfort levels before you finally buy the bike. A good seat should not make you feel numb or uncomfortable after sitting down for some time.

bike for women


Many people might not know this, but there is always a difference in the handlebars when it comes to men’s and women’s handlebars. For men bikes, the handlebars are 40cm long, but most of the bikes for women will have shorter handlebars 36-38cm. Men have wide arms and shoulders, and the longer handlebars are meant to give them a comfortable cycling experience.

Weight of the bike

Most women prefer lightweight bikes that can be easy to carry and store. Women will prefer a bike that they can fold and put in their car. The big and heavy bikes might not be ideal for women because it might be challenging to store and carry them when time comes to move.

Easy to adjust gears and brakes

The gears and brakes also pose a challenge to women. Women want a bike with gears and brakes that are not too large for them to adjust. Most of the women have admitted that bicycles for men have large breaks and gears and it becomes a challenge to adjust them. Women have small hands than men, and this is where the problems come in.

bike for women

Adjustable seat

Women need a bike with an adjustable seat that can be adjusted according to the height. The height of the seat will determine the comfort when cycling.