Making The Most Out Of The iPhone

The iPhone is the current in thing as far as the mobile phones are concerned. The iPhone 6S or 6S Plus is capable of many things that many of its users are yet to explore. The new free iphone 6, for instance, has lots of hidden depths. Apple Inc usually adds all sorts of new capabilities to every new model, but not all are usually evident. This read is going to help you cover all the new functionality and features of your iPhone.


Bringing the photos to life

One of the best features of the new iPhone 6S is the live photos feature. Whenever a photo is taken, a couple of using a smartphone and a laptopseconds of the video on either side of the shot will be captured as well. You can then review the snaps in the photos application and bring them to life by just pressing down on it. When you press down on it, the photo will move capturing the few seconds before and after the photo was taken.

You can also set the live photos to be your new wallpaper by just pressing them down from the lock screen. The live photo also has the capability of recording audio. You should, therefore, be careful with what you say before and after a shot is taken as it is likely to be captured. It is also critical to note that the live photos are larger than the standard photos and are therefore of the best quality.

Skipping to the application action

With the iPhone, you can choose what you want without giving to wait for the applications to load up. It provides you with the capacity to skip directly to the functions that you desire. You can make the most out of this feature by pressing down hard on the icon of the application whereby you will get a small menu of the possible functions. You should, however, note that this only works on some of the applications most of which are the Apple applications.

Quickly sending a message or starting a call

smartphonesWith the iPhone, you do not necessarily need to open the messaging application of the contact book to reach to your contacts. You can instead press down on the photo of your contact while you are in any of the application.

When you do this, you will bring up a menu which has options for starting a call or sending a message. You can also press down on the messaging application to send quick replies.