What Type of Lip Piercing Suits Your Personality?

Do you want to undergo lip piercing but there are so many questions running on your mind? You would want to ask if the process is painful and if you can actually stand the pain. Or perhaps you are interested to know the type of piercing that suits you. Well, worry no more, because this article will explain to you the types of Lip Piercing and how each process goes along.

First off, you need to know that many lip piercings do not really involve piercing. As a matter of fact, they are just placed horizontally on the skin just above the upper lip or underneath the lower lip. Having said this, the pain is definitely bearable.

Vertical labret piercings

Vertical labret piercing is placed vertically through the lower lip, making the top ball stands above the lower lip and the bottom ball underneath the lower lip.

Horizontal Lower Lip Piercing

Another type of lip piercing is the horizontal piercing. It pierces the skin underneath the lower lip on a horizontal direction. Normally, horizontal piercings are placed on the right or left side of the lower lip. Labret lip loops, captive rings, labret studs and circular bells can be paired with horizontal piercing.

piercings on the lips

Labret Piercing

If a horizontal lower lip piercing is placed at the center just underneath the lower lip, it is called labret piercing. The most famous jewelry that is usually worn along with this type of piercing is labret stud; but there are also other pieces of jewelry that can be worn with it like captive rings, lip loop labrets, and circular barbells. If you wish to get stretched labret piercing, you can mix plugs with it.

Medusa Piercing

A horizontal piercing placed on the upper lip is called medusa piercing. The only recommended piece of jewelry for this type of piercing is the labret stud.

piercings on the lips

Monroe Piercing

This type of horizontal piercing is placed on the skin atop the left or right side of the upper lip. It is also called Crawford or Madonna piercings because it imitates the celebrities’ upper lip moles. A labret stud is still an ideal jewelry for this type of piercing. For those who want their piercing to resemble a mole, they can go for a fat, black Bioplast labret stud.

The options are already presented to you; all you need to do is to choose the right one that suits your personality.