Window Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Cleaning is a necessity. It is imperative to have a clean surrounding since it is not only good for the eyes, but it is also good for the well-being of a person. Especially if you are a homeowner, you will realize that having a clean home is part of a chore.

As far as cleaning the house goes, it is safe to say that there are many aspects of the house that needs to be cleaned thoroughly from the roof to the basement. One part of the house that is usually quite overlooked when it comes to cleaning is the window.

Clean windows are vital to any home. It is very important to clean your windows. Here are some tips and tricks that you can follow in terms of window cleaning:


man cleaning a window When it comes to getting rid of the stains and dirt from your windows, you will need to get hold of some equipment. Some of the things that you will need are a bucket, a squeegee, a mop, a scraper, rags and some detergent. You might also need a pole and a ladder to reach farther and higher windows. Having a tool belt to carry your rags and scraper will come in very handy.

The Art of Cleaning

cleaning a glass window

What you need to do first is to prepare the water. Put some cold water into the bucket and fill about half of it. The detergent can be squirted directly to the water or directly onto the dampened mop.

Give the window a good rub with the mop and scrape in the forward direction with a scraper. When using the squeegee, you need to have it at the right angle and the correct amount of pressure. When cleaning the water with it, work your way down from the top left corner and don’t forget to wipe the edges.

If you still spot some stubborn marks, you can try rubbing it with a clean microfiber cloth. Or if all else fails, you can restart with the detergent and mop. Remember to do both sides of your windows.

Hiring Professionals

men cleaning glass building windowsIf you want your windows cleaned in no time, it will be best to hire professionals, like from A1 Window Cleaning – to do the job. Make sure that before you hire them, you should do a background check and research about past experiences, customer reviews, pricing, and others. This option is great if you can’t be bothered to do the work yourself.