The Coleman Hot Tub (Lay-Z Spa) Reviewed

The Coleman brand is steadily becoming popular, thanks to their domination in the sporting, outdoor, and recreational products. The Coleman Company has earned the trust of their customers due to their sturdy and durable products. Their Coleman hot tub is no different from all those other high-quality products. The Lay Z Spa is an inflatable hot tub that offers an amazing spa experience but at a low cost. Soaking for a few minutes will leave you rested and rejuvenated. It has many amazing features that come with an array of benefits.

Features of the Coleman Lay-Z-Spa

Massage and water filtration systemcouple enjoying in the tub

The inflatable hot tub has a Lay-Z hydro massage system, which makes the highlight of the product. The massage system is powered by 120 bubble jets. Together with the filtration system, the massage system will ensure you feel relaxed and rejuvenated as well as make your skin softer.

Quick heating system

The heating system will rapidly heat up the water to the desired temperatures. The temperature can reach a maximum of 104 degrees. The feeling you get while in a bubbling hot tub with the temperatures optimized to your liking, will be amazing.

Control panel

The Coleman hot tub has a digital control panel that is used to monitor all the hot tub features. You can use it to activate the bubbles, or vary the temperatures as desired. It also has a child safety feature that automatically locks the control panel.

Integrated water filter

The hot tub has a filtration system that will ensure water remains clean. The tub comes with a twin pack having two extra filters. The filtration system restarts automatically every time the heating system is activated. It continues to operate even when the heating system is off.

Pool liner

The lining of the tub has a mosaic print that looks very attractive. The floor is cushioned as well and has a very convenient drain valve.

man on a tubInsulated cover

When the tub is not in use, a cover insulated by a coating of aluminum foil is used to keep debris out. The cover will also help to maintain water temperature. More insulation is provided by a round leather piece that will fit inside the cover.

Chemical Floater

This is a small device made of plastic. It floats on water in the tub, easily dispensing the cleaning chemicals that are necessary.