Critical Information About Ipswich School

Ipswich school is a single gender school situated on an 84-acre site in Wooverstone near Ipswich. The school is reputed for academic excellence and an exceptional academic system. The top sixth form in Essex is usually demanding and therefore requires the students to give in their best. The school is strategically located near a river and in a serene environment ideal for learning and leisure activities. In Anglia, it features among the best schools that offer education for girls.

Critical info

All Girls

The school’s identity is all girls, and they are proud of it. The school believes in offering single-sex girl on the table with bookseducation. Their primary objective is to develop their students’ abilities in an environment that are not constrained by gender stereotyping. According to them the best option for girls education is considering an all-girls school. The all-girls school has enabled girl’s confidence to grow immeasurably. The school is in the girls’ day school trust which is a network of independent girls’ schools in the UK.

Academics And Curriculum

The school focuses on giving education to an all-around individual. They have success in academics as well as curricular activities. The school participates in sports and co-curricular activities at the nationals. They take part in seminars swimming, music competition and art exhibitions among others. In academic results, the school has consistent results in the GCSE exams with most students excelling. At the A level exams, the school records over 65 % of students scoring grade A and B. the students also get a chance to join top universities and pursue competitive courses.


The alumni of Ipswich are great women in the society. They have a vibrant alumni network for all GDST schools. The network has more than 50000 former students based in the UK and overseas. The alumnae network facilitates connections and friendships. The network has also been useful for getting career advice and information about universities and also hosting professional events.

The Schools

Ipswich school has some schools for different age groups. The pre-prep school is meant for young girls below five years to develop a love for learning. The junior school is for girls between five and 11 years to diversify their knowledge and prepare for senior school. The senior school is for girls at 11 to 16 years to identify their careers in preparing to sixth grade. The sixth grade is for girls aged between 16 and 18 and is aimed at career development. After the A level which is at the end of sixth grade, the girls get to join universities.

Quality education

scheduler and a penQuality education is good not only for girls but boys too. Ipswich schools believe in offering same-sex education. Their curriculum is tailored to ensure that girls succeed.

They main agenda is to develop value qualities skills and knowledge of girls without them being affected by gender stereotypes, so far their education plan has been a success as seen from the alumni.