How To Choose An Air Duct Cleaning Company

Air duct cleaning companies are tasked with eliminating dust, dirt, and other harmful elements, which build up inside air ducts of HVAC systems. If you want your air ducts cleaned thoroughly, ensure you hire air duct cleaning Houston tx company that has qualifications, experience, and knowledge to ensure your ducts are cleaned well and left uncontaminated. In this post, you learn how to choose a reputable air duct cleaning company.

Tips for choosing air duct cleaning company

Research about the firm

It is your duty to carry out a study on experience and bair duct full of dustsackground of the companies offering these services. You should ask them how long they have been operating in this business. If the company is quite new, you should ask about the experience of its employees. It is advisable to ask for referrals from the past clients. This will help you find out if they were satisfied or not. You can also visit their websites and read more about them. Remember to check their customer testimonials and feedback.


You need to verify whether the company you are about to choose has minimum customer complaints and good standing with relevant organizations. You can also check whether the company is listed on Better Business Bureau.


Check whether the company has got an insurance policy. Also, talk to them about insurance and reimbursement costs if your home is damaged during the process. Ensure you hire a company that is registered by NADCA. This is a national association for air duct cleaners. Members of this association comply with the set regulations and follow recommended guidelines.

Substances used

You should check the materials or chemicals your company will use. Some companies use chemical bio-acids or chemical treatments in your home. Such types can prevent future growth of biological matter in the ducts. However, they are quite harmful to your health. Ensure you read product labels of chemical products used by the company. This will help you understand their instructions and proper use.

Services offered

These cpumping out an air ductompanies need to inspect your air ducts for existing asbestos. This is because these materials need specialized cleaning procedures. Moreover, they should take measures that protect your family and pets from contamination. Your household belongings and carpets should be protected. Ensure your air duct cleaning company seals and insulates holes that are created during duct cleaning process.


You can ask for estimates from the company. It is necessary to be aware of potential costs before hiring them.