The Laybag – The Versatile Inflatable Bag

There are many new inventions today in the world, and one such invention is the inflatable resting bag or couch. If you want to relax at home, in the garden at the beach or even in the pool. The product we are referring to is the Laybag.

What is the Laybag?

Very simply it is an inflatable bag that can be used to man relaxing using an inflatable bedlay on just about anything and anywhere. The
item is versatile and can be easily carried and moved around because all you have to do is deflate it and place it in the included backpack. It is extremely light and can be used just about anywhere so why don’t you Laybag kaufen and enjoy the below benefits.

Here are some practical applications for the laybag

There are many places that you can make use of the laybag. Here are some of them.

A BBQ at the Park

While hanging out with family and your friends at the park is great. The standard folding chairs can be rather uncomfortable. With this great invention, you can relax and be comfortable. There is no need to sit uncomfortably anymore.

When you go to the beach

The beach is one place that you cannot avoid getting sand on you. It gets in your hair, your clothes, and towels. But with the Laybag you do not have to worry about the sand because you will be relaxing above the sand and you will be able to enjoy sunbathing without the worry of having sand in your face.

Airport layovers

girl using an inflatable bed on beachHave you even had the misfortune of spending a night at the airport? It could be a long layover, or your flight may be delayed. Generally, people try to grab a few hours of sleep on a chair on the floor in very awkward positions. Wth this genius travel partner by your side, in a few minutes, you will be relaxing and fall asleep to wake up well rested for your next flight.

When you go camping or hiking

If you like the outdoors, and regularly go camping or hiking, the Laybag can be a great companion for a good sleep or rest. It gives you a great cushion to rest on, and you do not have to deal with the hard ground anymore. You can even inflate the bed and relax on a beautiful lake and enjoy nature.

At the pool

If you like floating around in the pool this is a great way yo do that. You can use it to sit by the side of the pool or throw it in and use it as a flotation device.